Enhance a Village, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing poverty in developing nations by educating the children and improving their communities.

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To transform impoverished communities across the globe by creating sustainable programs to improve economic prosperity now and for future generations.  Giving to our various programs and projects gives us meaning to move forward.  Our vision is unique, donate today make a difference. 

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In pursuing our mission as a premier organization, we, the Board Members, staff and employees of Enhance A Village, Inc., are guided by a shared collection of values. 

We firmly believe values and care gives us the strength to forge opportunities that was passed on to us by our ancestors.  We know we have this place in this universe and once it is spoiled, its is gone forever.  The greed from some have damaged our future, our children and have left a bitter sour with our elders.  Lets show them that we care. 

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We remain true to our mission and work hard with the highest ethical standards to provide exceptional service to our partner-beneficiaries, to produce quality products and to maximize the support of our donors.

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We are committed to responsible management of the financial resources that have been entrusted to us and the establishment of strong long term relationships with our donors, funders, and partner beneficiaries through regular, informative, and transparent communication.

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We pledge ourselves to creating and maintaining a culture that cares for the underserved, respects equality, promotes self-esteem, supports skills enhancement and encourages active participation in decision-making in pursuing defined goals.

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We bind ourselves into upholding our most important village resources the individuals and families who are creating a healthy, vibrant, and prosperous future for their community and their natural environment by always implementing responsible and sustainable operations.

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We embrace the diversity of individuals and foster personal growth where every individual matters to the continued success of Enhance A Village.  Lets carry this growth to those that are in the Capital that have worked so hard to make our home a better place.  

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