Claudio D.V Ribeiro

Social Media Curator

Claudio D.V Ribeiro is a senior at Boston International High School. With just five years in the United States, Claudio Ribeiro came from Fogo, a beautiful island but also very poor. Knowing that he is from a place in need, Claudio is looking forward to giving Cape Verde and places in need the opportunities that he didn’t have growing up. With that in mind, Claudio has decided to volunteer in multiple organization and is honored to take part of Enhance a Village, Inc. where he can help end overty through better farming methods. Ironically back in Cape Verde, he was a farmer himself at the age of ten. That was the only way he was able to survive, and he values the importance of farming. 


Volunteering is important but when he isn’t doing that he is either debating real issues through multi-perspectives or playing soccer. Claudio has often been described as optimistic and clever, but what keeps him going is his determination and unwillingness to giving up. Top of his class, he is looking forward into pursuing a pre-med track and becoming a surgeon in the future. That’s where the volunteering comes in. He wants to help those in need and has decided to do so early in life. 


The world is round, and we are all connected; if not by land, then by water. We all can help each other. It is just a matter of reaching your hands to others. And through Enhance a Village, Inc. he will do that and continue to of so if given the opportunity.