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“The average Filipino farmer in Kuyaoyao earns $6 daily. Their average age is 57 years old and with a fifth grade education” (IRIN, 2013).

Conditions of extreme poverty forces the farmers to find other means to generate income such as cutting and burning the mangroves to sell charcoal. Consequently, this devastate the ecosystem where the fish spawns and other aquatic species becomes endangered.

The burning process of the mangroves in conversion to charcoal also causes respiratory issues reducing life expectancy of the farmers. Food security is less than ideal to feed their families yet alone to generate income to improve living conditions.

By introducing new farming technologies and assisting the farmers to gain vital access to their resources, poverty can be alleviated  one village at a time.

Join us in the journey to make the vision into reality. 


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We welcome your support and appreciate your caring.

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Enhance A Village wants you to know who their friends are.  Support comes in many different ways.  The villagers at Kuyaoyao not only want to express their thanks but they want your to know your help is not forgotten.  They want to express differences that you have made.  Is it that one extra hour of internet or helping in the construction, aquaponic support, or a new well?  Join others in as part of this vast offering, and make that difference.


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Past Contributors

Enhance A Villages esteemed gratefulness. 

The Enhance A Village non-profit organization consists of the ongoing volunteer labor of contributors. We want to thank them for their hard work.  Also included is their bio background as presented on our website. 


List of Contributors (No Particular Order):

  • Marifi Nitor


    Development Manager (2015-2017)

    Marifi joined the Enhance A Village team as Development Manager, a position that allows her to nerd out and put to practice her organizational skills.  She supports the Executive Director and Senior Staff members making sure that work runs smoothly for the team and partners alike.

    She had worked with various environmental and humanitarian non-profit organizations in Palawan: project management, research, community development, fund raising, designing IEC and marketing collaterals, forging partnerships with diverse stakeholders. Marifi earned a degree in Liberal Arts major in Economics in Holy Trinity University, Palawan, Philippines. 

    What she enjoys to do when she is stressed:

    Painting rocks and pots, canvas painting 

    Recent Works and Projects:

    Branding, Landing Pages Design, Grant Application – SSFC, Bakas: An ethnographic documentation of Batak Indigenous Knowledge, Systems, and Practices (published by SGP UNDP)

  • Khristine Reyes


    Community Relations Specialist (2015-2017)

    Khristine has been in the Marketing industry for eight years. She started working for one of the Philippines’ biggest banks, Bank of the Philippine Island as a Marketing Associated (BPI) in 2008 before becoming Asst. Brand Manager for designer watch brands. 

    Her skills in in-bound Marketing and writing are her contributions to Enhance A Village Inc. She believes in empowering people into building a community where everyone works for a common purpose.

  • Kim Mercier


    Chief Development Officer (2015-2016)

    Kim Mercier is a nonprofit advocate who is committed to building the capacity of nonprofit organizations around the country. She specialize in helping under-resourced organizations develop and implement strategic and sustainable solutions to leverage their assets and capabilities to drive innovation and profitable growth while striving for a positive economic, environmental and social impact.  She held title of Chief Development Officer

    A passionate and skilled non-profit manager and strategist, Kim has secured over $20 million in grants and contract awards for public and private organizations serving some of our nation’s most vulnerable populations. In addition to writing grants and contract proposals, Kim has an extensive career and diverse background working in the non-profit and government sector at the senior management level, addressing issues of domestic violence, elderly care, youth, homelessness, affordable housing, mental health and social justice programs. She is a former District Court Commissioner for the State of Maryland and served on a two year-elected term as a Schoolcraft County Commissioner in Michigan. In 2003, Kim was honored as one of the Girls Scout of USA Young Women of Distinction. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and Communication from Northern Michigan University in Marquette, Michigan and currently matriculating toward receiving her Master degree in Public Administration.

  • Charleson Reyes


    Web Developer (2015-2017)

    Charleson is the web developer of Enhance a Village, Inc. He graduated from one of the top universities in the Philippines, University of the Philippines Manila, with a degree in Computer Science. He’s been a web developer for seven years and have worked for international companies and foreign clients like Rocket Internet which is the company that manages the E-commerce site of Zalora and SEOP Asia Inc., a Digital Marketing company specializing in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

    His seven years of experience taught him various skills in PHP, Drupal, HTML, Java Script and Web Development. Besides being well-versed in web development, he also developed skills in online marketing analytics and E-commerce, two of the most in demand trends online. You can see some of his works on his portfolio website

  • Tariq Dauhoo


    Volunteer Content Writer (2015-2017)

    Tariq Dauhoo is hard working, reliable, confident and enthusiastic person. Currently a member of the CIPD and many blogging groups over various forms of social media. Actively taking part in various charity events. Comfortable working with members of the public, have a friendly and engaging personality, whilst being helpful and polite.  Multi-skilled professional with a good understanding of how a public relations department operates in conjunction with the running of an organization, with an extensive knowledge of computer programs applicable to an office environment.

    I am passionate about human welfare in a variety of aspects, whether it is by helping the less fortunate or in the field of Human Resources in which I look to professionally excel in having achieved a Bachelor's Degree in this. I have a great interest in the development of technology whereby I express this by building a computer and mobile applications in an attempt to link the digital world with the real world to benefit causes such as starvation, poverty, and famine.

  • Tioni Westley


    Volunteer Internet Marketing Specialist (2016)

    A dynamic and results-oriented professional with a diverse background that includes engineering, finance, and marketing. She enjoys learning new skills, and her experiences have nurtured an aptitude for confronting and solving challenging situations. An active advocate for the humane treatment of animals - candle making, evening runs and playing musical instruments occupy her spare time.


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