All year-round fresh crops and fish without the use of fertilizers or other chemicals raised by the hard work and good environmental stewardship of the farmers from the village of Kuyaoyao.

Consuming natural and organic products will definitely improve your life style, and also would help you live longer and better. Most of the chemicals (for not saying all of them) used in agriculture could be harmful in a long term. So please help us to promote a better life style and the consumption of natural products.

The Village of Kuyaoyao and other ones located in Philippines are basically cropping:

- Coconuts

- Coconut Oil  - anti - cancer

- Coconut Water

- Coconut Husk products

- Tree and Foliage materials


- Papaya

- Papaya Seeds


- Guava  - anti - cancer

- Guava Seeds


- Soursop - anti - cancer 


 - Mangos

- Mango Seeds


- Fish

- Fish farms

- Fish by-product


- Coral

- Sand Coral