Executive Director


A native of the Philippines, Alfonso emigrated to the U.S. during his early childhood. He is a resident of California where he grew up and currently lives in the San Francisco Bay area.

Inspired by his late mother, Paz Gaerlan Galarpe, Alfonso founded Enhance a Village, Inc. and expanded on his late mother's vision to transform impoverished communities across the globe by creating sustainable programs to improve economic prosperity.

Chairman of the Board
Caesar Ingente Ocreto was born in the Philippines.
He immigrated to Canada in  December 1973 and settled in Toronto, Ontario.
His career was built mostly on Property/Casualty insurance underwriting.  He has over forty years of experience. He retired from the business in 2013.
He has a son named after him and has a beautiful and intelligent granddaughter named Symphony.  Being a Grandpa is the best achievement of his life.
Caesar has a BA in Economics and a Master's degree in Business Administration.    
He loves playing chess and listening to classical music.
He lives by the phrase "Carpe Diem".  He believes that every day has a promise.
Board Member


Cheryl Mitchell grew up in Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin. She worked as a counselor and mentor for both Silicon Valley SCORE and Silicon Valley SBDC in San Jose California. Eventually, she landed as a business consultant for the Small Business Development Center at SCE where she had the opportunity to monitor milestones for a wide-range of starting businesses. From securing their fund to their job creation and retention, their sales growth and their returns of investment and essentially their growth as a business.




• 15+ years in marketing, communications, and public relations in traditional and highly technical business environments.
• Able to challenge traditional models and approaches and to envision optimal solutions to problems.
• Demonstrated skills, knowledge, and experience in creating and implementing strategic integrated marketing plans, with a track record of successful results in a service industry with multiple distribution channels.
• Effective and innovative marketing experience and skills in addition to a strong aptitude for promotional strategies, direct marketing, and other tactics optimizing volume and market share.
• Superior strategic planning, critical thinking, and writing skills.
• Superb oral communication, interviewing, researching, and presentation skills.
• Strong leadership abilities as both a formal and informal team leader.
• Innovative in collaboration and problem-solving with other departments and at all management levels.
• Ability to take initiative to identify marketing opportunities.
• Ability to solve problems and lead a team to achieve results.
• Ability and willingness to work under pressure, meet strict timelines and budgets, and to thrive in a fast-paced environment.

Chief Operation Officer / Design Development



C. Tito Young is a designer and visionary who has worked in the parameters of Robotics, Big Data, IoT, and 3D World Wide Web. His background includes e-Commerce and Building Sciences.  He has made a career promoting digital immersive worlds and as an advisor to local community efforts.  He has new engaged business development by efforting interacted designs with deliverables. He is well versed in traditional visualization methods, thus making exceptional conversions to better understand 2D by using 3D.  He can incorporate critical thinking into solutions, foster ideas and often devise genius outcomes that open up new windows to next stage.  He is a huge proponent of ESRI, Open Street Maps and GPS Devices.

"I want to bring value to regions such as those within EAV circles to give those regions better recognition on a global scale and so those habiting the lands can partake in diverse communication"

Specialties: Visualization, Land Development, Branding, and Identity. 

Research / Blog Writer


I pursued Ph.D. studies in Plant Biochemistry and had a teaching experience back in India. My research interests are understanding and studying the signaling pathways in plants/crops/animals under stress conditions. I do have an experience with writing/editing research proposals. I am presently in the USA and have been volunteering for few nonprofit educational organizations as a writer. I have developed my passion as data/business analyst and have an experience working with data/ statistical analysis.

With the belief that education is so important for everyone, mostly children, who can dream of a better and secure future, I love to learn more from, help and develop such organizations with my skills. When people learn about agriculture and farming techniques, they gain the ability to grow and maintain healthy crops, which provide vegetables for meals and additional income. I am fortunate to be a part of Enhance a Village, Inc. which have a mission of ending poverty by educating the farmers about the farming practices and their environment.

Board Treasurer


Jason's passion lies in the pursuit of ontology, epistemology, and truth, along with the inherently symbiotic relationship these tenets have in practice. He is in charge of the financial management for Enhance a Village, Inc. including adoption and oversight of the annual budget. As a Board Member, he also formulates and oversights policies and procedures of the organization as well as reviewing organizational and programmatic reports.

Chief Development Officer


We here at Enhance A Village are very proud to have Susanna as part of the EAV team.  She has been with UBS Financial Services, Berkeley since 2011. After working closely with top advisors as Wealth Planning Analyst for the Northern California Complex, Susanna joined the Senna Wealth Management Group in 2015. She specializes in comprehensive financial planning and has in-depth knowledge of the many wealth management solutions that can be tailored to address each client’s individual priorities.

Susanna grew up in the East Bay and graduated from the University of Southern California with a B.S. in Business Administration. While earning her degree, she was a member of the USC Trojan Dance Force. Susanna is an Accredited Wealth Management Advisor (AWMA®) and currently holds the Series 7 & 66 securities licenses and the Life, Accident, & Health Insurance license.  
She also has non-profit experience. 

**Registered States**AZ, CA, CO, GA, FL, GA, NV
Kuyaoyao Local Development On-Site Representative


Ricardo B. Reyes is a farmer by heart and backed as an educated man. Notwithstanding of his educational background, he chose to embrace the soil rather than the air-conditioned room. His baccalaureate degree is Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Economics, Bachelor of Laws (Llb.) and currently in Master in Public Administration.

Data Miner / Content Writer


I’m from Kolkata, India and did my Ph.D. in Biotechnology. Currently working as a Postdoctoral associate at Bond Life Sciences Center, University of Missouri, Columbia, USA.I am very concerned about hunger, poverty, and global food security and my research has always been motivated by these factors. Plant Science research addresses the very basic necessities of life. Plants shape our life with food, fiber, medicine, shelter and many more. I believe that research in plant biology has the potential to solve many of the global problems, including but not limited to food security, climate change, medicines/therapy for emerging diseases, and energy crisis.

I strongly believe in giving back to the community and glad to be a part of Enhance a Village, Inc.  

Volunteer - Business Development / Industrial Engineer


My name is Roberto. I am a Peruvian Industrial Engineer, with an MBA degree and background in finance. I came to the US in 2015 to study my MBA. I wanted to improve my career and my personal growth with that amazing experience, sharing time and knowledge with people from all around the world.

In my previous job in Peru, I had the privilege of work helping companies to grow healthy and sustainably. I realized how interesting and rewarding can be the experience of seeing people reaching out their goals and knowing that I was a little part of that dream.

For that reason, I wanted to be useful to the society by helping people and sharing all the knowledge I have gain so far in my personal and professional experience.

I strongly believe that people that have been blessed with education and opportunities has the responsibility to help people with less resources.

Volunteer - SEO / Industrial Engineer


I’m an enthusiastic Peruvian MBA with Industrial Engineer bachelor degree and background in finance, administration, and banking.

Coming from a country where a great part of the population has to fight with poor conditions, I’m convinced that the way to overcome these problems is through education. Therefore, helping communities to develop sustainable ways to grow would promote not only economic development as an immediate result, but also promote welfare for new generations to have more opportunities in the future and break the cycle of poverty.

Graphic Artist


I am currently finishing my BA in Linguistics while I work as a translator and language tutor. I am originally from Italy, but I've been studying in England and Germany, where I had the chance to volunteer for different organizations, fuelling my passion for graphic design. I actively volunteered for organizations supporting education and human rights, thriving in dynamic environments driven by such noble causes.

I strongly believe in the empowerment given by education and its importance, especially from an early age, in building a sustainable economy and support progress in Developing Countries. Making education fit the rural context in which some people live in a brilliant initiative that I fully encourage and support.

Architectural Design / Planning


Monique Reid is a long time contributor and advisor to various needs at Enhance A Village. Her background includes Autocad, architecture, planning, and development.  She has coordinated with team members to better understand the vast lands located in the Philippines.  She has an incredible eye and can facilitate ideas with the aspects of needs and shelter.    

Group Volunteers for IT and Staff Support

Sticky Tickets is an innovative, online system that helps you promote, sell and manage your events online. We help people discover and purchase tickets to your events too. Best of all, it is free to join and open to everyone.

Social Media Curator


Claudio D.V Ribeiro is a senior at Boston International High School. With just five years in the United States, Claudio Ribeiro came from Fogo, a beautiful island but also very poor. Knowing that he is a place in need, Claudio is looking forward to giving Cape Verde and places in need the opportunities that he didn’t have growing up. With that in mind, Claudio has decided to volunteer in multiple organization and is honored to take part of Enhance a Village, Inc. where he can help end poverty through better farming methods. Ironically back in Cape Verde, he was a farmer himself at the age of ten. That was the only way he was able to survive, and he values the importance of farming. 


Bill has been honing his skills in problem solving and systems improvement business since he was 14 years old while working for his father’s industrial and electrical supply store. At age 22, he ventured into Real Estate which went from selling vacant lot to buying, selling and restructuring finance on large multifamily, office/industrial and retail properties.


Hanna grew up in Hillsborough, North Carolina.  She graduated in 2017, with a B.S. degree in Environmental Studies. She is particularly interested in water resources, resource management, and the environmental justice movement. Hanna is now attending law school and hopes to use her education to help others.  She hopes to be able to use her environmental and legal knowledge to help Enhance a Village develop sustainable solutions for the problems they address.

Reader audiences and fellow team members are always looking forward to Hanna's most intriguing blogs.  With many articles that help drive our non-profits goals she has shown the care to develop awareness, show deep compassion and above all maintain a high level of quality that builds trust between in our organization and our most appreciated donors.

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