C. Tito Young

Design Development



C. Tito Young creates new raffles, crowd funding concepts, interacts with new volunteers, updates webpage, creates graphics and communicates with the team's board of directors. As designer and associated visionary of EAV, he further explores parameters related to E-commerce. His background helps the board make rational decisions related to village topo maps. He uses various designs techniques to determine strong solutions in the many projects he is trying to promote for the village.  Whether developing aquaponics, distillation Solutions, saving coral reefs, building a new community center or finding ways to create water wells, his goal is to pull the team together.   He is also promoter of digital 3d immersive worlds and with those skills can quickly demonstrate community solutions. 

"I want to bring value to regions such as those within EAV circles to give those regions better recognition on a global scale and so those inhabiting the lands can partake in diverse communication"

He is long time Padi Scuba Diver, rock climber, kayaker, home chef, wine taster, vintage Porsche 911 affectionaro, keen in the development of decent architecture, and solid model maker for virtual reality purposes. 

Specialties: Crowdfunding, Raffles, Business Plan , Visualization, Land Development, Branding and Identity.


Email: tyoung@enhanceavillage.org

website http://architizer.com/firms/studio-rezz-design/.