Dr. Nupur Srivastav

Research / Writer


I pursued PhD studies in Plant Biochemistry and have a teaching experience back in India. My research interests are understanding and studying the signaling pathways in plants/crops/animals under stress conditions. I do have an experience with writing/editing research proposals. I am presently in USA and have been volunteering for few educational nonprofit organizations as a writer. I have developed my passion as data/business analyst and have an experience working with data/ statistical analysis.

With the belief that education is so important for everyone, mostly children, who can dream of a better and secure future, I love to learn more from, help, and develop such organizations with my skills. When people learn about agriculture and farming techniques, they gain the ability to grow and maintain healthy crops, which provide vegetables for meals and additional income. I am fortunate to be a part of Enhance a Village, Inc. which have a mission of ending poverty by educating the farmers about the farming practices and their environment.