Ricardo Reyes Local Kuyaoyao Development

Ricardo Reyes

Kuyaoyao Local Development On-Site Representative


Ricardo B. Reyes is a farmer by heart and backed as an educated man. Not withstanding of his educational background he chose to embrace the soil rather than the air-conditioned room. His baccalaureate degree is Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Economics, Bachelor of Laws (Llb.) and currently in Master in Public Administration.

He worked in a private company in Manila City for a decade, then owned and operated an aqua-farm, a rice farmer, a coconut farmer and an active member and leader of a non government organization and a  motivational speaker in the civic organization. He was once commissioned as notary public for five years. He served as a manager for five years in the NGO and a two termer Chairman of the Board. Modesty aside, during his term as Chairman, he was able to get a grant worth 24 million from the World Bank for the construction of the Farm to Market Road (FMR).

Presently he is connected with Enhance a Village Inc. a nonprofit organization organized under the existing laws of the State of California, USA as a point person in the Philippines. For me, regardless of your status in the community, you must have a disciplined, a respectful, an ethical, a creating, and a synthesizing mind in order to attain or at least approximated the prosperity in the community.