Sticky Tickets

Group Volunteers for IT and Staff Support

Sticky Tickets is an innovative, online system that helps you promote, sell and manage your events online. We help people discover and purchase tickets to your events too. Best of all, it is free to join and open to everyone.

Activities and entertainment are a very important part of the Australian way of life. We like to socialise, watch sport, go to concerts, performances and travel. In a lifetime an individual could potentially attend hundreds, if not thousands of events that require:

  • An invitation to attend or a means of finding an event.
  • A way to purchase or secure a ticket or secure a place for the event.
  • Tools and systems for event organisers to manage the above two items.

At Sticky Tickets we recognise that many events are also held for very good causes, and we try hard to assist those who are holding events to help others. As a result, we offer several rebates in an attempt to further assist, and our team are now also working together to assist Enhance a Village to achieve their goal to assist others in need.