William Ross Williams

William Ross Williams

Chairman of the Board

Bill has been honing his skills in problem solving and systems improvement business since he was 14 years old while working for his father’s industrial and electrical supply store. At age 22, he ventured into Real Estate which went from selling vacant lot to buying, selling and restructuring finance on large multifamily, office/industrial and retail properties.

It was in the 80s that Bill was introduced to the energy and minerals acquisition business, which in turn led him into the power generation development and investment model among which are the  Altresco Pittsfield project, Luzon Power and Altresco Philippines, and the  IPP industries in SE Asia. These are projects were successfully developed and financed due to his creation of new business and financing structures.

Bill’s exeptional skills in developing innovative business models that turn the “impossible” possible are big contributions in empowering farmers and villages to learn efficient solutions to the hardships they encounter. Besides being a devoted family man, he’s also investing in new technologies that are aimed at developing clean and renewable energy, water efficiency and responsible, cost effective clean up methods and technologies. 

Over the years, he has determined that there is an enormous void in the area of the bottom 3 billion income earners on our planet and have made a personal commitment to design business models that can be implemented within 5 years that will be effective ways for rural farmers to retain more of the value they generate. These models, in turn, all create a massive reduction in CO2 emissions because it is the nature of the enhancements we will bring to the people.