Enhance A Village, Inc. differentiates itself by not getting immersed in the "hamster wheel" of requesting funds, doing the work, and justifying more funding. EAV’s metric of success is to become redundant or no longer needed when a village has successfully demonstrated independence and be a thriving community. With your support, EAV can then move on elsewhere to make an impact on poverty.

Enhance A Village, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to alleviate poverty in developing nations by educating the children and improving their communities.

According to figures from the Department of Education and the National Statistical Coordination Board in the Philippines, 1 in 6 Filipino kids will not attend school. Further, only 7 out of 10 kids will complete elementary school. Of those 7 kids, only 4 will complete high school, and of those 4, 1 will proceed onto university. The main reason for this? Poverty.

By Nichola Mae Meron

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