Board and Team

Board of Directors

Dr. Kristen Beach



 Kristen Beach, DBA, joined Enhance a Village when the organization was formed in 2015. She is currently employed as the Senior Manager of Global Marketing Operations for an international publishing company and serves as an adjunct faculty member at Southern New Hampshire University. Kristen has over 20 years of experience with all areas of marketing as well as account management with clients such as Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), the American Diabetes Association, and Special Olympics.

Kristen holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communication/Journalism from James Madison University, a Master of Science in Management with a concentration in Marketing from the University of Maryland, and a Doctorate of Business Administration from the University of Phoenix.

Hanna Stoner

Executive Director / Secretary


Hanna Stoner's passion for making a difference in the world led her to become a valuable member of Enhance a Village in 2016, where she started as a content creator and blogger. Hanna's talent and dedication were quickly recognized, and she was soon volunteering with the grant writing and marketing teams.

Hanna's academic achievements include a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies, which she completed in 2017. During her undergraduate studies, she focused on water resources, environment management, and biology. In December 2019, Hanna obtained her Juris Doctorate, demonstrating her commitment to using her education to serve others.

Throughout her academic journey, Hanna has worked with various nonprofit and public interest organizations, gaining valuable experience and developing her skills. She has always been passionate about helping others and finds great fulfillment in her time with Enhance a Village.

Hanna's contributions to Enhance a Village have been instrumental in the organization's success. Her commitment to the mission and her ability to think creatively make her an essential part of the team. Her dedication to serving others and making the world a better place is an inspiration to us all.

Bob Komoto

Board Member


Bob has worked with diverse types and sizes of businesses in technical, retail, and agricultural industries to help them successfully envision, create, nurture and grow their businesses. Bob has held positions in engineering, project management, business development and consulting.  

 Bob has started and grown businesses, launched new products, and qualified as a Certified NEI/SBDC Export and Trade Counselor and as a Certified Global Business Professional (CGBP).  He has hands-on experience in launching products and services in the telecommunications, computer manufacturing, software, hardware, retail, agricultural and green/clean tech industries. 

Today, as President of American Products International and as an entrepreneur, Bob consults for companies in the areas of global business development, product development and positioning, and go-to-market strategies.  Clients include companies offering products and services domestically and globally. 

Previously, Bob has taught chemistry and business in English and Spanish; and been a project manager, consultant and engineer launching new processes, products and businesses. 

Bob earned a B.S. from Harvey Mudd College, an MS from Santa Clara University and is ABD for a DM at University of Phoenix. 


Skill Summary: 

Industry Expertise 

Noel Dignadice y Ardemil

Board Member


Noel Dignadice y Ardemil is a Filipino lawyer born on December 9, 1964, in Sara, Iloilo, Philippines. He graduated with a Bachelor of Laws degree from San Beda College, Manila, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from the University of San Agustin. Noel has over three decades of work experience, including serving as a private practicing lawyer in Metro Manila since January 2004 and working as a lawyer and adjudicator for the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration from January 1991 to December 2003. He has also taught law at various institutions and is actively involved in non-profit organizations. Noel's favorite quote reflects his passion for doing good deeds for his fellowmen, and he has joined Enhance A Village as a board member to contribute his time and talent to the organization's projects. Noel is a highly experienced and dedicated individual who continues to positively impact his community.

Caesar Ocreto

Board Member


Caesar Ocreto's impressive career in Commercial Property/Casualty Underwriting was built on a solid foundation of education. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, which he earned in Manila, Philippines. This educational background provided him with the essential knowledge and skills that would later serve as the bedrock for his successful career in the insurance industry. Throughout his academic journey, Caesar demonstrated a strong commitment to learning and a dedication to excellence, qualities that would continue to define his professional endeavors for over two decades.

Caesar Ocreto, a retired professional with over twenty years of experience in Commercial Property/Casualty Underwriting, is known for his enthusiasm and positive approach to work. Throughout his career, Caesar built strong professional relationships with brokers across the country. He is highly regarded for his sincere and honest demeanor and proven ability to communicate and negotiate successfully at all levels. His commitment to maintaining high integrity in all business dealings has been a hallmark of his professional journey.

Caesar Ocreto is now enjoying a well-deserved retirement with his wife in Ajax, Ontario, Canada. He is a proud father and doting grandfather to three grandchildren. In his leisure time, Caesar pursued his interests in music, chess, and poetry, demonstrating his diverse range of passions and talents. Whether in his professional life or personal pursuits, Caesar Ocreto is a testament to the power of dedication, integrity, and a positive outlook in achieving success and fulfillment.

Alfonso Gaerlan Galarpe Jr.

Founder /Treasurer


Alfonso Gaerlan Galarpe Jr. is the founder of Enhance A Village, Inc. With a career spanning several years in the aviation industry, including serving as an Air Force veteran and working with various airlines, he has honed his leadership and community development skills. Alfonso holds a degree in Marketing from Southern New Hampshire University and continues to further his education in the aviation field at Liberty University.

Alfonso's passion for traveling and learning about different cultures has fueled his desire to make a difference in the world. He is committed to helping individuals and communities realize their full potential, and his mission is to stop the cycle of poverty by providing education to children in impoverished countries.

Alfonso's approach is grounded in the values of good health, love, courage, and wisdom, which he believes are essential for accomplishing his goals. With Enhance A Village, Inc., he is making a tangible impact in many people's lives, and his dedication to his mission inspires others. 

Team Members

C. Tito Young

C. Tito Young

Design Development


C. Tito Young creates new raffles, crowd funding concepts, interacts with new volunteers, updates webpage, creates graphics and communicates with the team's board of directors. As designer and associated visionary of EAV, he further explores parameters related to E-commerce. His background helps the board make rational decisions related to village topo maps. He uses various designs techniques to determine strong solutions in the many projects he is trying to promote for the village.  Whether developing aquaponics, distillation Solutions, saving coral reefs, building a new community center or finding ways to create water wells, his goal is to pull the team together.   He is also promoter of digital 3d immersive worlds and with those skills can quickly demonstrate community solutions. 

"I want to bring value to regions such as those within EAV circles to give those regions better recognition on a global scale and so those inhabiting the lands can partake in diverse communication"

He is long time Padi Scuba Diver, rock climber, kayaker, home chef, wine taster, vintage Porsche 911 affectionaro, keen in the development of decent architecture, and solid model maker for virtual reality purposes. 

Specialties: Crowdfunding, Raffles, Business Plan , Visualization, Land Development, Branding and Identity.

Monique Reid

Monique Reid

Architectural Design / Planning


Monique Reid is a long time contributor and advisor to various needs at Enhance A Village. Her background includes architecture, planning and development.  She has coordinated with team members to better understand the vast lands located in the Phillipines.  She has an incredible eye and can facilitate ideas with the aspects of needs and shelter.   

William Ross Williams

William Ross Williams



Bill has been honing his skills in problem solving and systems improvement business since he was 14 years old while working for his father’s industrial and electrical supply store. At age 22, he ventured into Real Estate which went from selling vacant lot to buying, selling and restructuring finance on large multifamily, office/industrial and retail properties.

It was in the 80s that Bill was introduced to the energy and minerals acquisition business, which in turn led him into the power generation development and investment model among which are the  Altresco Pittsfield project, Luzon Power and Altresco Philippines, and the  IPP industries in SE Asia. These are projects were successfully developed and financed due to his creation of new business and financing structures.

Bill’s exeptional skills in developing innovative business models that turn the “impossible” possible are big contributions in empowering farmers and villages to learn efficient solutions to the hardships they encounter. Besides being a devoted family man, he’s also investing in new technologies that are aimed at developing clean and renewable energy, water efficiency and responsible, cost effective clean up methods and technologies. 

Over the years, he has determined that there is an enormous void in the area of the bottom 3 billion income earners on our planet and have made a personal commitment to design business models that can be implemented within 5 years that will be effective ways for rural farmers to retain more of the value they generate. These models, in turn, all create a massive reduction in CO2 emissions because it is the nature of the enhancements we will bring to the people.