Clean Water

Your support enables Enhance A Village, Inc. to differentiates itself by not getting immersed in the "hamster wheel" of requesting funds, doing the work, and justifying more funding. EAV’s metric of success is to become redundant when the village has successfully demonstrated independence from the organization’s assistance and be a thriving community. EAV can then move on elsewhere to make an impact and alleviate poverty from your donations and volunteering efforts.

Many of us take for granted of turning the faucet on and drinking clean water instantly at the convenience of our home. In many parts of the world, it takes great effort to bring drinkable water to a resident or a community. Villagers, mostly women and children, brave and trek dangerous trails, rivers, and ocean to provide the basic human need.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), diarrhea kills 2,195 children every day—more than AIDS, malaria, and measles combined. About 88% of diarrhea-associated deaths are attributable to unsafe water, inadequate sanitation, and insufficient hygiene. With your support, we can prevent the children from dying.

Your donations provide clean drinking water by purchasing a chlorine generator to safely produce chlorine gas that is injected into the water to kill waterborne pathogens. This approach enables the villagers to use existing water sources such as a water well with unknown disease-producing agents. Additionally, your assistance provides hygiene classes as a preventive measure to combat diarrhea.

With your time to volunteer, a collective effort to provide the basic need to a village enhances the possibility of a community receiving a chlorine generator.

Every little step helps! Alleviating poverty takes a strategic approach to provide basic needs before the transformation can begin. Your donation and volunteer effort offer the solution to give the supply of clean water to a community. Donate and volunteer today and change lives!