EAV differentiates itself by not getting immersed in the "hamster wheel" of requesting funds, doing the work, and justifying more funding. EAV’s metric of success is to become redundant when the village has successfully demonstrated independence from the organization’s assistance and be a thriving community. EAV can then move on elsewhere to make an impact and alleviate poverty.

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Soft Power over Hard Power

Grand iDiaz November 22,2020

Power is the ability to influence others to get desirable results. Their concepts and accessibility can determine the effectiveness of both soft and hard power. Having both abilities is a sure hit towards achieving goals; however, only one should outstand in the pursuit. The vigor that is significant to the organization's mission is the one that should stick out.

Hard power may mean transactional. It can be executed through military threats, economic stimulation, and tangible resources. In employing hard power, there is a chance at large of bullying and buy and bargain. It is less useful today because of its global system changes due to its undesirable features.

Soft power, on the other hand, is inspirational. It is the ability to manage relationships, emotional awareness, and control. It can change the preferences of others. The capacity to attract others to achieve goals or to have what someone wants is another feature of this power.

How significant is power? Can we use both powers to ensure growth and sustainability? Would it be useful in re-structuring the less favored right to live fruitfully? Could it quench the thirst for quality education? or Could it build a haven for the homeless?...

Both abilities are essential in optimizing the level of tolerance in most cases. But in achieving goals to alleviate poverty, scarcity of resources, and limited access to education, one power may dominate the other. The dominance that carries out a mission brings on success to the table without enforcing threats, inducements, and exchange.

Shared objectives, one feature that makes soft power protrude. It is leveraging the level of failure to acquire appropriate resources for the achievement of ones' ends. The ability to put oneself in another's place is an incentive to engage in public benefit acts like placing donations and or volunteer work. Now, this is the challenge of achieving success. Supposing someone's disposition is somehow better than the one that seeks help.

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Thinking beyond limits...

Argie February 17 ,2020

It was 2017 when they referred me to the home for orphaned and abandoned boys in Bacolod City. It happened when people around us noticed how our family was getting complicated. There were times we couldn't eat for at most twice a day due to the instability of my father's job.

Money plays a significant role in the lives of every family or to a particular person like me. In my family, it became one of the main factors of misunderstanding. I could not even go to school once because I needed to find a temporary job or sidelines to earn money, so we could be able to eat dinner. Several people, relatives or non-relatives, wanted to adopt me, but I don't want to leave my grandmother just for this little cause. I refused them, of course. Throwing all of my dreams into trash is the one thing that I will not ever do in my life.

My brother was referred to in that orphanage, first, because he became involved in trouble, and personnel got them. After a few months, I followed him not because I made a mistake, but because they wanted to help me in my study. I doubted, of course, because I was not getting used to doing it then, to deal with new people. There were still worries before I leave my hometown, but whispers on my ear on grabbing a prize challenged me to deal with it...

An adjustment was never that easy, and it took me months to adapt to another environment and to familiarize different faces of different people. I met friends - some were true while others were not. But, they made a little bit change on me, to hold back for just a while and to take a nap for just a second. The only thing I did not wholly change was my focus on reaching my dreams. No one has ever hindered me to quit dreaming, neither. In fact, I gained more confidence and more trust in myself than ever been before. I became stronger because I knew that I was on my way to success. Yet, I did not do it with ease.

This home, I thought firstly, was not the right place for me because I expected it was just for those who have done wrong against human rights, and I wasn't right. Inside this home, I discovered a lot of potentials that I never expected. I awaken the sleeping dream of mine, which is to become a pilot that I still do not know how I came up with dreaming it. The home also provided me options like to pursue engineering, but I don't think I am sure to do it. I also discovered my passion for music, except playing instruments tho. I worked wisely with my academics, and I was thrilled when I became the first honor of my batch.

Before I finished my junior high school, I have been through a lot of tests that proved to me I am strong. Many people tried to underestimate my strength, my capacity, but it didn't work for me. Yes, I failed many times, not just once, not even twice, but hundreds of failures, though it doesn't mean you just lay down there and wait for your fall to cover you up with negativity. Somewhat, I stood up, and I fought for I believed I could not let it just happen.

Now, I am a senior high graduating student, and I know that it only takes fewer steps on the ladder before I put my dreams on my palm.

See, my life's not that too broad, right? Well, it is just part of the pages of my book. It is just an important chapter that I could not even deny into the whole world.