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What Solution Will Your Donation In Time Or Money Accomplish?

Alfonso Galarpe October 23, 2016

The present condition of the village is that the average education level of the community is 5th grade.  A few finish high school, and none received a post secondary education.  The schools are distant from the village and getting to school can be very tasking especially during the rainy seasons.  Some have to cross the ocean during foul weather to get to their school.

The community's primary livelihood is threatened by the aging coconut trees becoming unproductive.  The farmers earn $6 daily, and they have to resort to other means such as burning mangrove trees to make charcoal supplement their income.  They inhalation of smoke poses health issues and devastate the aquatic ecosystem.  Children are burden with adult responsibilities to help their family for their existence...

The farmers receive a small revenue from the raw materials that they provide to multi-national corporations.  Their earnings pale the multi-corporation profits who adds value to the raw material in their processing plants to make products such as the virgin coconut oil and coco-sugar.

The children leave the village in search of jobs in the city where they are vulnerable to crimes such as human trafficking, prostitution, drugs, and slave labor to name a few.  Girls end up pregnant at an early age, and the vicious cycle of poverty continues generations after generations. 

There is hope and we transform communities to eliminate poverty one village at a time.

The challenges are monumental but with your assistance we can uplift an impoverish community to improve economic prosperity now and for future generations.  Be a part of the solutions.  To see solutions and how you can participate or contribute in any way shape or form, click here.