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The Benefits of Coconut Oil

Tariq Dauhoo August 06, 2016

You have heard it all before with new health fads coming and going each month. Diets involving berries and pills which appear to be the new craze boasting results everyone knows is not true. There is one product, however, which can deliver healthy, positive results no matter what body type you are and doesn’t require you to run on a treadmill for an hour every day or break the bank. Behold Virgin Coconut Oil.

Controversially many years ago it was determined that all forms of coconut oil were bad for the human body due to its’ high levels of fats (Clark, 2011). However, these archaic studies were carried out using partially hydrogenated coconut oil- NOT untouched virgin coconut oil, therefore delivering completely different results. With the surfacing of recent studies it has now been proven that virgin coconut oil holds countless benefits including just a few of the following: prevention of heart disease reduces high blood pressure, reduces inflammation and reduces arthritis. It is also known for reducing side effects where high risk medication has been taken (Axe, 2016)...

These are just a few amongst a wide array of benefits that can prove to be life-saving should you decide to introduce it to your diet. The beauty of virgin coconut oil is that you do not need to have a certain lifestyle or be in a particular age group to see results. The healthy acids found within the oil immediately get to work both internally within the bloodstream and externally on the skin (Brandon, 2015). We should bear in mind coconut oils that are not virgin and that have been refined or processed alter the chemical structure making it bad for you.

Hence, the properties it holds and the benefits it provides it has been labeled a Superfood in the health community as confirmed by Laguipo (2015). It is only a matter of time before we start to see virgin coconut oil based products being introduced and taking the nation by storm. It is apparent that now is the best time to join the community utilizing virgin coconut oil to reap the rewards and benefits it has in store for us. The sooner you introduce it to your diet the sooner you can enjoy a happier, healthier body and lifestyle.  If only we could a word in from Dr. Dean Edell

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