Your support enables Enhance A Village, Inc. to  differentiates itself by not getting immersed in the "hamster wheel" of requesting funds, doing the work, and justifying more funding.  EAV’s metric of success is to become redundant when the village has successfully demonstrated independence from the organization’s assistance and be a thriving community. EAV can then move on elsewhere to make an impact and alleviate poverty from your donations and volunteering efforts.

and achievement.  The children can not concentrate on their studies when they are hungry and worried about where to get the next meal. The solution is to initiate a project to  provide the village with an aquaponics system.

EAV's aquaponics project aims to promote an agricultural technique, which combines conventional aquaculture – farming fish and cultivating plants on water. Enhance A Village envisions the project to be a sustainable solution for many marginalized communities, which would be able to grow their food and eventually use the system to cultivate products that they can sell.

The aquaponics project will fulfill two elements - food security and education. Growing food directly in the village provides access to nutritious food, creating jobs and eliminating the vast carbon footprint associated with food transportation mile.  Additionally, the income generated by aquaponics can be used to funding the construction, maintenance, and operation of a library for the region and its surround villages.

Moreover, aquaponics is an excellent learning tool. While performing aquaponics tasks, students can learn general subjects such as math, biology, chemistry, and engineering. Also, the study of fish, plants, and bacteria interacting in a living ecosystem can be learned along with economics, marketing, and nutrition.

Your donations provide food security by purchasing an aquaponics system to yield nutritious produce and fish to feed a village. This approach enables the villagers to grow their food any time of the year unaffected by weather conditions. Additionally, your assistance provides the training to run the production , marketing and selling the products to the local vendors, corporate, and government entities.

 With your time to volunteer, a collective effort to provide the basic need to a village enhances the possibility of a community receiving an aquaponics system.

Every little step helps! Alleviating poverty takes a strategic approach to provide basic needs before the transformation can begin. Your donation and volunteer efforts offer the solution to food security to a community. Donate and volunteer today and change lives!


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