No perfect life can make you satisfied...

Argie February 17 ,2020

The influential people in our development are the reasons why we are not quitting, right? They taught me how to give value on every morning I open my eyes to witness how the sun rises from its hide and colorizes the valleys. They also taught me how I strengthen my faith deep within and know how God goes along with my side all the time.

 At my younger age, I knew that I could not create such excellent things, just like what professionals do. Though, I tried to locate the right place where I truly belong. As a return to my family’s sacrifice, I did everything appropriate for my studies, and firstly, I thought it would be enough to make them proud. I mean, not all of them, my grandmother does. Ever since I was a kid, I never felt that my father noticed my hard work. He only heeded how I committed mistakes, then scolded me and smacked me with a pipe or stick, a large and sturdy stick.  There were times I felt like my younger brother was superior to me in terms of the attention given by my father. However, I never hated him, and I should never be no matter how arduous is he to chastise and hurt me from a non-sense basis...

          After my mother passed away, when I was around ten, that was 2011, everything has altered. My father always went home drunk and sometimes could never reach the house before lying down on his bed. Two years later, he chose to love another woman, assuming that our family needed a mother to take custody of us. I saw how he grieved after mom left him, so I accepted that woman undoubtedly. I knew that she already has three children, but I still do not know how they met and got to know each other. A few years have crossed, and we had no sound connection, even with our communication. We sometimes fight due to disagreement, and I guess that is enough to say that our family was no good at all.

         I never felt to be weary of fulfilling my goal, which is to have good grades and finishing my dream. I went to school with an empty belly, but I thought that would be fine, and I could make it. I never told anyone about it and, one day, I dropped on the floor of our classroom. It was nothing for me. And, with God’s providence, all sacrifices were still worth it. I became one of the honor students of our class, and through that, the school granted me a scholarship. 

         After I completed Grade 8, my father told me that I could not be able to graduate, but I still found a sort of way. I entered a summer job in the city, and there I was assigned to be a boy-helper. I think God is truly good to me since He gave me another blessing. I became a scholar again after my teacher discovered that I worked just to purchase my school supplies. I was very fortunate, and I heartedly praise God for that unexpected gift.

         One of the thousand wishes I wish is to be recognized by my father, and I hope that day would come.