No quitting...

Argie February 17 ,2020

" No man is an island." No man has ever been born just to savor his life solely. As social beings, we are here to go with the people who will mold us into a suitable version of ourselves. 

Notwithstanding my family's circumstances, I grasp giving up is possible. Likewise, I was not here to deal with it. I exist because I believe I am capable of attesting myself.

Firstly, I never give up because of a woman who taught me to articulate righteousness, my grandmother. She is a selfless but the mightiest woman I have ever met in my whole life. Nonetheless, behind these strengths, there were still secrets she never showed us about, and we should not know definitely. We have a good relationship with each other, more intimate with my mother and my father. I discovered how to look at the very seeming point of this life. Soon I concede how this life of mine deviates from others. It is quite low, but I know there is something better plan served for me in the future... 

Secondly, I have one and only brother, one year younger than me. Many people are comparing me to him, that we were totally unlike in terms of intentions, motives, plans, and even in intellect. They have a point. My brother is exactly my opposite. I prefer to study hard to aim for good grades, but he does not. He does not mind as if he expects nothing for his life. He prefers to get involved in a conflict, which drives people to recognize him badly. He attempted several times to steal something because he likes to. But, I also do not care about our diversities as a brother. I do not know what he is proficient in that maybe I am not. I know he is someone who is just waiting for the right moment to bloom and take a blast afterward.

These two people I have mentioned are very significant to me, and I would not even possibly find out the real me without them. My grandmother and my obstinate brother, I love them both. I owe so much for who I am today because of their motivations and influence.

I assert I would never waste any single tears for them. It is not because I do not miss them but because I'm doing all of these, to be good, for them. Besides, I know they are stronger than me. I live my life naturally, so do they.