Mishaps to Live...

Argie February 17 ,2020

Before we born, we are already pre-destined to create our stories. We have our books, blanked and spacious, to fill in with words and everlasting memories of our lives. 


I was skeptical in life after I lost my mother, and after my father abandoned me. Actually, they did not have time to raise me since then. My grandmother did. Alone.

Afraid to not survive, I began to dream bigger, which makes me learn to strive in life. For me, this life is not just all about success. Yes, it is. Sometimes, it is about progress.

For over nine years of sparing my foot at the rocky six-mile distant road every day, I never attempted to pause nor hold my breath to end the game. I know I don't have a perfect family, but they are still great for me. They are always will be. Nonetheless, I don't even hate them because I know they were the ones who shape me to be a strong man today. I think I already have recognized the twenty-five percent of my potential, and now I am still seeking the best version that I can be.

I tried to surrender everything from me. I tried to pretend that I am okay, but in fact, I'm not. I tried to swallow my pride every time I see people are bashing me and to keep my lips zipped whenever I hear somebody's trying to drag me down. Before, I don't know how to fight, but as time went along, I learned it. I realized I must choose the accurate time to let go and the exact time to open up considerably...

This story is not just for you to believe in me and to be proud of me. I am writing this because I want to inspire everyone that no matter how hard your life becomes, you must never stop. Just keep going. When there are people who say you cannot ever make it to the end, prove them they are wrong.

To those who are reading this, you are lucky. Unlike people who tirelessly go anywhere in search of food, clothing, shelter, or even money to spare, they can not feel what you have.

I want to keep everyone reminded that this life has a broad sense of responsibility. There is no need of dragging others down. Instead, let us help everyone to rise from the ashes for us to create another innovative flame, again.