Donating a Vehicle to Enhance a Village

Hanna Stoner February 20, 2018

Donating your vehicles such as cars, boats or farming equipment can provide opportunities for families in the Philippines’s. Enhance a Village will use, repair or give your car donation to farmers in the Philippines. This can give famers access to tools that make farming more efficient.

Donating your vehicles also can help you! You could potentially get a tax deduction. Enhance a Village is a 501 (c)(3) organization, which means we are a qualified charity for a tax deductions. If you simply want to get rid of your car, and do not care about tax deductions, simply fill out this form and we can arrange to have your car picked up!

If you want to maximize your tax deduction, it is best to meet with someone knowledgeable about finance, but generally it is still a simply process! Your car’s value will be assessed and you will receive the necessary paperwork for a tax deduction. Due to the changes brought by the tax bill passed in December 2017, it may be best to consult a financial advisor or tax preparer. Generally, prior to this change, it was best to itemize your deduction if you donated your vehicle. Be sure to keep track of all of your documents once you have donated your car, to make filing your taxes is simple.

If you have questions you can call us at 808-852-9866. To get started simply fill out this form!

Your donation has the chance to change the lives of many!