Vehicle Donation Q&A

Hanna Stoner January 24, 2018 

If you are considering donating your car, truck, airplane, farming equipment or boat consider donating it to Enhance a Village. Enhance a Village is committed to helping better educate, develop sustainability and offer solutions and opportunities to rural communities in the Philippines. You can provide the tools needed to empower villages out of poverty! You can donate your car by filling out this form or calling (808)-852-9866. 

Here are some common Q & A about the donation process.

Q: What can I donate?

A: Cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles, boats, RVs, airplanes, farming equipment and other motorized vehicles. Feel free to contact us if you have questions about what you can donate.


Q: Can I donate a vehicle that is not operable?

A: Yes! It will likely have a salvage value and still can be donated. It also could potentially be repaired... 

Q: Will I have to pay anything?

A: No, you wont! You will likely actually get money through a tax deduction.


Q: What do I need to make a donation?

A: You need the title for your vehicle, and you will need to answer a few questions and then schedule a pick-up time.


Q: How will I get a tax deduction

A: You can deduct your charitable contribution if you itemize deductions on your schedule A of form 1040. The maximum amount you can deduct is the fair market value of your car. This website has more information: We also can assist you with this process!


Q: What will be done with my vehicle?

A: It will be used or repaired by Enhance a Village or gifted to farmers overseas in the Philippines.